…they want to see you sneeze.

I was talking with Erik Deckers today about social networking and communication.  The guy’s a complete guru, and was apparently blogging years before someone named “Blog” invented the wheel.  Anyway, a self-proclaimed tight-wad, Erik suggested I open a free WordPress account.  So here I am.

Anyway, as we drank caffeine and (I) talked, we arrived at the subject of stories.  People’s stories.  Not just their ideas, but the honest expression of their emotions, passions, failures and lessons.  People have lots of thoughts about lots of things, and the blogging world has given lots of them lots of anonymity as they sling their thoughts around.  Wikipedia.  But that’s not what I want.  I don’t think that’s what any of us wants.  I want to know who people really are.  The next time you watch TV, make a mental note of how many commercials have a voyeuristic approach.  Not in the creepy sense, but in a way that suggests that if you sneak up on Tina the Soccer-Mom’s deck, and look through the glass door, you’ll see what she really thinks about the Swiffer Wet-Jet.

It’s the reason that even though I have every album ever produced by Béla Fleck and the Flecktones, I would LOVE to go see them in person.  I’ve even had dreams where I’m playing guitar with them at a smoky gig in the Bahamas.  (Sorry, too much information?  Ha!  Got you!)  Anyway, you get the point: I don’t just want to hear the music or read the liner notes.  I want to be there (I haven’t always, it has taken a long time for me to realize other people exist.  More on that later).

To be fair, hearing what people think gives clues to who they really are (unless the person’s a complete sociopath), so the sharing of thoughts and ideas and facts is perfectly okay.  Not to mention that most people are completely different in social situations.  But the point is summed up by a wise man who said, “You don’t know a person ’til you know their story.”  So, tell us the facts.  Just wrap them up in what you really care about.

So, it’s true – nobody cares what you think…   until they know your story.  Or unless they hear it in the context of what is meaningful to you.  It was fun for me to share stories with a new friend today over coffee, and this blog is hereby dedicated to the mission of story-telling.

Here’s a hatch to my right brain if you’re interested: littlelordmusic.com


About jimmyfauntleroy

I was born to create. I was born to communicate. I was born to see things in a unique way. So were you. You have a story to tell, so tell it. Nobody cares what you think. They want to know who you are.
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